there's something about a construction site

a new house project i'm working on in east hamptons is under construction. our project manager sent some site photos of the work in progress, and it got me so excited i just had to share. i love seeing how the designs are being executed - the build process is (almost) as fun as the design process. plus i have some nostalgic attachment to the smell of sawdust. (thanks, dad)
(front of the house)

(the cube with 3 walls of glass is accessed through the house but feels very separate. there's office space on the first floor, and yoga & exercising studio upstairs)

(exterior detailing)

(side/end of house)

(glass tiles going up in the children's bath)

(ceiling detail)

(sugar maple floors,unfinished. and, bob's shoe)

(a long corridor, runs almost the entire length of the house)

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Anna said...

Oh, this is a lovely site. I just found you after you left a comment on my blog. Thanks for visiting my site and I will continue to visit yours.

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