fluid is a hip bar in downtown san francisco with interior architecture and design by orlando diaz-azcuy design associates. it was completed before my time at oda, but i'd like to show it off anyway. i'm not so into the crowded bar scene, but i can appreciate a great atmosphere with delicious manhattans, so i suggest going for happy hour before it gets packed. but i'm not doing a review of the scene ~ it's the design, of course! i really appreciate how the sleek sparseness of the contemporary design has been kept warm & inviting. the majority use of white, silver and clear (oda trademarks) are given a fun & energetic vibe with the computer controlled neon-lit walkway and underlit main bar. the attention to detail here is impressive ~ and easier to spot when the bar isn't congested, hence why i selected these photos from our company's archives. the unique wall niches, the lovely lucite furniture, and the use of many separate ambient light sources give this space a special feel only possible with brilliant, creative dilligence.

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