there is something appealing about the lightness and clarity of clear furnishings and fixtures. they're somewhat whimsical, yet refined at the same time.

(john brauer's illusions acrylic side table is only 18" high so it would work wonders as a coffee table or end tables. found at retromodern.com)

(george II chair at plexi-craft)
(queen table at plexi-craft. plexi-craft is a factory buy-direct source for acrylic furniture located in new york. these are just two examples of the many styles they make)

(this graceful, ergonomic soaking bath comes to us from jason international. the translucent bathtub is made of acrylic and delicately cradled in a freestanding satin chrome or brushed nickel pedestal)

(glass tub and shower at prizma. prizma is a contemporary furniture design and manufacturing company, the collaborative creation of an american entrepreneur and a hungarian designer. every item is custom-made to meet any & all individual needs)

(cubetto pedestal sink by vitraform. not just a glass pedestal, but a work of art)

(who else but philippe starck would dare mess with a king? reinventing the classic louis XVI armchair for kartell, the playful "louis ghost armchair" (2002) is a postmodern triumph of technical innovation and historical style)

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