macworld for design divas

yesterday, i ventured down the street to the macworld conference with jendita (congrats on your new career adventures, j!), to see what there was to see. i can sometimes be a semi-techie geek, but going to this conference proved that i'm a much bigger design geek. below are photos j was kind enough to take for me since i (silly girl) forgot my cam. i was pleasantly surprised at the incredible design-girl finds that macworld offered.
(these 3 gorgeous b&w patterns are from the belkin "house"/booth. the 1st one is the massive 2-story canvas walls they constrcuted on the outer-most layer. the birdies & fleurs are inner walls. beauty swoons from a high-tech products & gadgets company ~ yes)

(the enook is a great design concept ~ it's an all in one, wall-mounted office unit. several finishes to choose from for the case, the back fabric wall/bulletinboard, and the shelves. one photo shows an empty example at their booth, the other is a filled-up unit from their website. functionality, efficiency, and good looks all in one.)

(we waited many minutes for this image to come back on the monitor so we could get a photo of it. the new super-intense color technology from nec is fantastic)

(2 paper lantern-esque, wavy floor lamps add some design dimensions to the macworld floor)

(floating underwater cameras - they're seen here inside a fish tank)

oh, and of course:

the iphone. slowly spinning on its proud pedestal.


Anonymous said...

If you like the eNook. Check out the company that I work for. www.proximitysystems.com. A much better mousetrap.

radio land said...

I've had similar thoughts re the storage and collecting of ones' threads.

What??? google keeps copies of everything!!!!

Well, so what.I want people to see what I do. Why not keep thoughts where someone may see and make a comment. : )

(Not a completely random comment. (I googled wellspring) You work with terry?

me aka monsieurbenet