yarn garden

while in portland oregon this past weekend i re-found the yarn garden. my mom & i bought yarn here years & years ago so i was very happy to see it's not only still there, but thriving with an expanded cafe called the sipperie. now it not only offers yarn and knitting supplies in a garden-like setting but you can sip earl grey tea or a hazlenut latte while you brouse the skeins. absolutely enchanting.

(this is their latest window display ~ knitted hats for premies all in a row. adorable!)


patriciagrayinc.com said...

I love knitting. I will make a note of this store for next time I am in Portland. Love that City.

studio wellspring said...

i actually don't know how to knit, but my mom is ultra-talented at it so i love the idea of knitting and i really like shops like this. just so you know, it's in the hawthorne district, but of course. (gotta love that fabulous 'hood). ;o)