are figs now trendy?

dang. the luscious fig with it's mauves, purples, ruby reds & many shades of greens is a fruit i've been taken with for some time now (years, not months or weeks). and of course i adore it for its flavor too. they are so great to cook & bake with. i most recently used figs as my inspiration for the decor8 fabulous sationery contest a couple weeks ago. and they are the inspiration for the color theme in my bedroom decor.
i guess sometimes even the most obscure obsessions can become hip. so i shouldn't complain.
i was excited to see that house martin posted some lovely figgy goodness on her blog this week. my two fave photos are below. both are from marie claire idees.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

mmm...I hope so. I had some for breakfast. I picked them in my garden:-)

studio wellspring said...

oooo i'm so jealous maryam!

Cote de Texas said...

Yes: trend alert!!! especially in fragrance.

studio wellspring said...

so true, cote de texas.....i have the diptyque figuier room spray & i absolutely adore it!