fabulous stationery

miss.decor8 is at it again with another contest that was too fun not to enter ~ this time it involves the fabulous stationery shop (definitely worth a looksie ~ amazing customizable cards of all styles & types). you are to select one card from the site, find 3 rooms that reflect the same design scheme as the card, and combine all 4 images in one jpg. you can submit up to 3 entries. i'll be using each of my entries for other purposes as well , so it's not about winning anything, just about having an excuse to do something creative that i can then give away. click on the photos below to jump to the flickr site where the contest is hosted & give mine a little * if you feel so inclined.
(this card was chosen for 3 reasons: i need to send a ton of thank you cards right now; it showcases 3 of my favorite interior design colors; and i really enjoy figs (they're so underrated). all of these rooms make me swoon (albeit for different reasons) and figs are just delicious. bringing together the integrated colors, shapes, forms, and textures of these interior spaces with the figgy card creates an inspiring and joyous collage in my mind.)

(i really like the west-holywood-esque, mod-retro styling in this card design. i just moved into a new home so i bought these cards to send out to all my loved ones. what's more, the colors used and feelings evoked by the card go perfectly with my new place. as for the interior photos….each of these is from my collection of all time favorite interior design images. if i could, i'd make sure each of these rooms was in my new casa. i also appreciate how well the style of the card and the style of the interior design blends. new views, new interiors, new correspondence and the dreamiest color palette to boot!)

(this card is appealing because it's clean and simple and lets the eye rest. plus i heart concentric circles & spirals. sometimes we just need an absence of color to relax and feel centered again. sometimes we just need a series of circles to remind us of life's concentric pathway. seeing these together in one card really attracted me. so i sought out some interior spaces to go along with this theme. i didn't have to search long, things like this just seem to fall in to place. these rooms and this card were meant to be.)


paris parfait said...

These are great; I especially like the figs! Come see my post "Two talented photographers" for a great photo of figs.

studio wellspring said...

thanks so mcuh! your photo of figs is fantastic ~ thanks for sharing it.