the shag rug has come a long way since moustaches, visible chest hair, and mood rings were in vogue. i appreciate that it invites you to take off your shoes & stay a while. today is all about exploring the contemporary possibilities with this 3 dimensional approach to floor covering.

(luscious silk shags can be found at peddada )

(a large collection of shag rugs with interesting patterns & colors woven in ~ including 100% custom rugs ~ made at woven accents )

(the seagrass line at nani-marquina is all about the retro lush)

(urba is all about sleek, elegant shag. no that isn't an oxymoron)

(the sg poly rugs from kymo flooring are 100% polyester)

and some nice contemporary rooms utilizing the shag to add comfort & softness:


susan said...

Well, it definitely looks like "shag" redefined (I'm not going down that road.) Moving on, these are really great looking. I tend to like the ones with the very thin, silky, threads. I wish I could use one in the kitchen, probably the worst place to use one. On the other hand, drops, crumbs, and whatever would probably never be seen again anyway!

studio wellspring said...

ha ~ funny susan! i suppose a synthetic fiber shag in a kitchen could be a great solution. not only for hiding crumbs, but if you're a big cook/baker and on your feet a lot it would be more comfy to stand on a soft shag than on wood or tile or even marmoleum. be dedicated to give your kitchen shag a daily shake out the side door or window & you might just have a grand new concept. ;o)