dance + architecture = dream come true

the philip johnson glass house, a national trust historic site, celebrated its public opening with an inaugural gala picnic on june 23, 2007, allowing guests an unprecedented opportunity to experience the visionary 47-acre site, located in new canaan, ct.
interior design magazine did a huge article on it in their august issue.
it's breath taking.
not just for the architecture but for the entertainment. merce cunningham's company performed throughout the day. what i wouldn't give to have been there!
as a second best, it's a thrill to have such gorgeous photos to experience from various attendees of the event & interior design magazine.
"when merce cunningham presented a series of dances outside philip johnson's glass house in june, it was a more than a reprise of a performance mounted in the same location 40 years earlier—it was a chance to contemplate the relationship between modernism's most fleeting and most permanent expressions. the 1967 event had benefited the merce cunningham dance company. this one raised money to extend the glass house property, now open to the public as part of the national trust for historic preservation, so that views would be protected from encroaching neighbors in new canaan, connecticut."


Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Incredible hah? Great article too. The next time I'm on the east coast I'm going to make a trip there.

studio wellspring said...

me too ~ i'd love to plan a trip around that.