skb architects

located above the restaurant wild ginger in downtown seattle, skb architects has grown from three dreamers in a coffee shop to 12 employees masterfully handling both residential and corporate clients. their projects have ranged from a cabin resort on the columbia river to an office building in new delhi to a spa in manhattan. skb sets itself apart from other firms by designing both exteriors and interiors. using varied materials for both structure and beauty, their designs result in harmonious inspiring spaces with elements of invigorating design surprises.
kyle gaffney's the "k" in skb architects, and he's married to the "s," shannon rankin. the "b" is brian collins-friedrichs. everything at skb is a cooperative venture, so the three partners who began in home offices have a tried and true reltionship of great design collaboration and business successes. when a building is completed, the whole firm plans a field trip to see their collaborative work. but i'll show you some highlights from their portfolio so you don't even have to leave your desk.

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susan said...

These kitchens are really wonderful. Simple and functional. I'm crazy about the apple green paint. Thanks for finding these.