sophisticated yet playful

the phrase that sums up the 2007 sf decorators showcase house is: sophisticated yet playful.
there were some unusual choices, some unfortunate choices, and some gorgeously inspiring choices. this is the 30th year of the showcase and they selected the stunning four-story mansion at 2901 broadway atop pacific heights.
getting a rare look inside one of san francisco’s most architecturally significant and mysterious residences was definitely worth the $30 entry fee. plus the fact that it was an 80-degree, sun-filled day made the tour all that much more delightful.
i wish all the designers had photos of their rooms on their websites, because we weren't allowed to take any photos of our own on the tour. i'll keep my eye on their websites in case they post photos of their work later on, because they are all definitely worth showing & discussing. so far this is what i've gathered:
(exterior of house, taken from street below. thanks, teri)

(view from veranda at the front door, thanks, teri)

(the kitchen, butler pantry, & tea room were designed by tish key. this is the only photo she has posted on her site & i couldn't find any others hiding out there on the 'net, unfortunately. this is the type of kitchen i'd love to have someday. i really liked her glossy black cabinetry with mirrored fronts, her touch of lime accents throughout, the light fixtures, and the integration of old with new styles)

(this is the chronicle's photo of the dining room, because so far no photos are on the designers site nor the artist's site. the designer is steven miller & the painting artists are christel heinelt and thad warren of lushart. this photo doesn't do the room justice. the shadowy softness of the taupes & lavenders & greens combined beautifully for a mature yet slightly whimsical dining space. i really appreciate the softness and attention to detail. the furniture lighting & murals are all stunning)

details of the gentleman's bedroom:
designed by jay jeffers, this was a well-balanced, surprising, engaging room. the oranges, browns, and blues blended well and cheered the space, lending a cultured but vivacious feeling. a custom tartan headboard, antique french art deco settee, ormolu-mounted blue glass chest, and claw foot platform bed were all wonderfully done.

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