photographer's friday: mel yates

take a load off ~ it's friday!
today's photographer highlight is mel yates. he is a uk-based but world-renowned lens master. he specializes in portraits and interiors. he has captured celebrities such as tom hanks, kiera knightley and jude law magnificently; but you'll have to check out his
website to see those, because this is a design blog. ;o)
his work is crisp, clean & clear. it feels very real and very now. i like that it doesn't seem to play any tricks on you ~ it just gives you the real deal, but in a gorgeous way.

a neat book he did the photography for is available at amazon.

he's represented by sarah kaye and has a nice website of his own too.and i'll leave you with this lovely image.....since i've been spending way too little time in the dance studio, this one pulled at my heart strings with a little extra resonance.

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