shootfactory's london allure

i could spend all day gawking at the online eye candy on shootfactory's website. this will be the first of many posts with photos from the properties they represent. shootfactory's purpose is to represent other people's homes and apartments for renting in photo shoots, events, filming and the like. so they've filled their website with enticing images ~ and i am so grateful! unfortunately, there is very little information about the properties and designers, just a ton of wonderful photographs of the amazing spaces. i would love to know more about the designers, stagers, photographers, artists, etc who are involved in making these places the show pieces they are (so if you know, do tell). below is a property on their front page right now, located in lordship park in london. too sparse to be liveable for my taste, it's like a beautiful tableau waiting to be filled with gorgeous people, flowering plants, or vibrant art. enjoy some alluring furnishings, lighting, and architectural details.

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