perfectly puzzled

(puzzle-shaped wall tiles were presented at the design academy eindhoven masters graduation show last year at the droog gallery)

(like many of pollack's designs, "puzzle box" is all about precision execution. single- and double-cloth poly-silk stripes create patterns of overlapping rectangles beneath a cotton-woven design of undulating stripes. the puckered texture of the background adds dimension and sophistication)

(brigg's engineered wood products has created the puzzle floor - with tons of species and finishes to choose from. they show it in many "serious settings" but i think it would look best in a child's room, a daycare center or an ecclectic loft apartment)

(daddy types introduced me to this tetris-for-kids modular block concept. the blocks are soft, vibrant, versatile, and i'm sure any kid (or group of kids) would love playing with them. heck ~ i would love playing with them! developed by maurizio fontanilli in collaboration with reggio children)

(the dutch design partnership of bert&dennis has brought many fantastic results. puzzled (above) is a modular seating system, simply add pieces to grow your sofa)

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