for the love of vanity

(sonia, a spanish manufacturer of bathroom furniture, offers a mix of baroque shpaes with contemporary finishes. they keep hardware to a minimum with concealed and integrated pulls. the look is quite striking)

(sleek & contemporary steel bathroom furniture from falper ~ it's also a versatile line with options ranging from portable trollies to wall mounted sinks and counter vanities.)

(this interesting vanity by artceram has the rustic appeal of dark organic grained wood and bright white almond shaped sinks. a nice fusion of rustic & contemporary.)

(per the creators, alape's betty blue vanity is "the arche-type of the waterfall pool". water on top of the completely flat washstand is transported away through a special overflow channel a few millimeters wide; it's made of glassedSteel, a compound material consisting of a load-bearing steel body with a homogeneous glass surface)


(if your style leans towards the eye-popping and energizing, then these unique bathroom furnishings by ligne evolution may be for you. designed by yves pertosa there are several color combinations to chose from)

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