mirrors of paradise

fernando caruncho was introduced to me by a colleague of mine. his reverance for caruncho's work definitely encouraged mine. the spanish-born landscape architect studied philosophy in college and after graduating turned to the world of gardens for combining his mathematical, aesthetic & philosophical skills with gorgeous results. he's become one of the world's foremost landscape designers. his work is captivating.

(paris-based photographer, laurence toussaint, has masterfully captured the understated elegance of caruncho's gardens and landscapes with images as perfectly composed as the gardens themselves)

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My Marrakech said...

paradise. all of it. And good inspiration, too. I am contemplating what to do with the pool we are building. I am thinking of a grey tadelakt pool with a pool cabana which is a kind of tensile structure, open in the back with the inside featuring hand blocked grey and black Egyptian cloth. Trying to bring it all together. Let me know if you have ideas!