summer readin' happenned so fast

sometimes books come along that are so great you must pass them along to friends....so i hope you'll enjoy some of these suggestions along with me this summer!

first up, my dear friend scott brizel's book is almost out on the shelves: audrey hepburn, international cover girl. he has an amazing collection of vintage audrey memorabilia and he is a live-encycolpedia of audrey info, so i'm thrilled to announce his accomplishment is ready to buy. go here to pre-order! mine is already on the way. yes!

next up, are 3 incredible design lover's must-haves:
villa by the extraordinary john saladino, interior design hall of fame member. saladino came across the ruins of a 1920's italianate stone villa overlooking the pacific in santa barbara, california. divided into four sections {architecture, interiors, landscape, and entertaining ~ this last part including dinner menus and recipes} the book is beautifully illustrated. i so want to visit here!
a dream of mine is to buy rundown property and turn it into fabulous living space that uplifts the new owners and the neighborhood. robert & cortney novogratz have not only done this with amazing style but they've written a book about it to share their best ideas. downtown chic is one of my newest faves ~ from wreck to ravishing? hell yeah! it doesn't get much more inspiring than that.
and then there's green design which brings a new perspective on showing how the design world is coping with the environmental challenges of the 21st-century. written by london-based marcus fairs, a lecturer, entrepreneur, curator and award-winning journalist, formerly founding editor of icon magazine, is now editor of online design magazine dezeen.
last but not least, my former employer's book is out on the shelves as of last month and although i haven't purchased it yet, i plan to with my next gov't bonus check. ;o) orlando diaz-azcuy as seen through the words of that knower of all things design, diane dorrans saeks. i think it's a MUST!


Sylvie said...

Wonderful reading suggestions. I'm going to go to the bookshop right now!

Relyn said...

Well, I'm off to the library's website. These all look marvelous.