lucky elizabeth

in response to my last post, dear elizabeth in washington {of the working artist blog} sent me some photos of her creative work space. wow. what an incredible place to be creative in! she does pottery, painting and even hosts milongas there. not only is it a wonderful art space it's a completely separate building from her house, so she can really get away and focus on her art whenever she pleases. now that is taking the where-women-create concept to a whole new level!
elizabeth offered the wise advice to not wait for the perfect space to start doing good work. and boy do i know that well! i've been making wonderful things in very meager, make-shift work spaces all my life. so every once in a while i enjoy taking a moment to fantasize what it would be like to be creative in a perfectly well suited, beautiful space. lucky elizabeth has just that! thanks so much for sharing with us e!


Elizabeth said...

Oh, so cool to check in with you and see my studio there. Thanks for that SW.

Elizabeth said...

And credit for the design and building of this garden studio goes to Alan!

Patrice said...

Indeed, Elizabeth has a beautiful working space.