where do you create?

over the weekend i found a fabulously inspiring magazine called "where women create".
from their homepage: whether it’s art, food, music, written works or choreographed dances, extraordinary women know that the process of creating is as important as what ultimately gets created.
amen. three cheers. holy yes.

after this fine discovery i decided to research some of these well-intentioned spaces that women had created for their great works to be envisioned and realized. i've been yearning for such a space of my very own and i find it entirely inspiring to see what others have done. little sparks fly in my brain at the very thought of being able to work in some of these incredible spaces. just see if you don't get some sparks too after seeing these:

{i'm ready to jump into this photo and start making something lovely right now! julochka is a lucky lady}

{this one gets a thumbs-up for packing in the most amount of creative supplies into the smallest space. it's like beatsfantastic said to herself, "i've got one tiny corner and i will have my creative workspace, damnit!" well done lady!}

{i like this one from chelstastic not only for the well-organized bookshelves but for the inclusion of baby goodies ~ the reality of being a mama is you've got tons of baby entertainment items everywhere mingled with your grown-up stuff.}

{this cheery little sewing corner is for my dear friend jenni ~ totally reminds me of you girl! alison rose, where ever you are, you should join our club!}

{what a fun studio the sweet sweet life has made for herself! i really like this carnival theme}

{and sometimes all you need is a glorious sunshiney morning, and some gorgeous green shutters, to get your creative juices flowing! lucotinha wins for the best creative makings room i've ever seen. by the way, there's a train that runs right outside this window.....somewhere in brazil. me, oh my!}

want more? check out these hot groups on flickr {thank the heavens for flickr!}
creative spaces
creative workspace
craft rooms
operation: sewing room organization
handmade spaces

and what about you? do you have such a space you'd like to share with me? it's still on my wish list to manifest the perfect creative space, so until i can make it happen i'll gladly live vicariously through you! please share fine ladies {& gents, too of course!}

{many thanks to jubella for the top 3 photos on the "where women create magazine"}


and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Love this post, I dream of having a craft space one day. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

Well...I'll send you a picture of my studio, but I have to say, an artist needs to be able to work in less than luxurious and well decorated spaces. I have worked in damp basements, my kitchen, my living room, and now, for some years, in a beautiful space. But all those colors and nice arrangements? My aesthetic has to go into the work, decor is for the house!
Great subject! But don't dream of space before the work, dream of work.

dutchbaby said...

It's a magazine now? I own the book! Thanks for the tip.