strawberry tales

we've been picking a lot of strawberries around here ~ and eating them hand over fist! there are few better flavors in this world than a fresh picked organic strawberry.
alesia is now 9 months old and strawberries have become her favorite food. although seen here she's trying out a leaf, believe me she eats tons of the berries too.
this is about 14 pounds of strawberries ~ and we picked this many two different times. the first 14 went by way too fast so we just had to go back for more. now we've got yummy jams and bags full of whole berries in the freezer to remind us of early summer deliciousness when it's cold and grey.
alesia just loves being outside {she joins me in our gardens almost every day for sunshine playtimes} and she had a ball at the strawberry fields. as you can see, she's very fair skinned {just like her mama}. i try to keep hats on her, but now she pulls them off immediately, so i slather her head in sunscreen too. i must tell you i am a very lucky lady ~ alesia is one fantastic dream baby. she has a wonderful sense of humor and even though she's teething she is always an absolute pleasure to have around.
and the fruits of our labor ~ if you can even call it labor. we actually loved every minute of it. especially the snacking!
these wonderful strawberry adventures were had at the greengable gardens outside philomath oregon {right near mary's river grange}. their strawberry season is short and sweet. very sweet. so if you're in the area it's definitely worth the visit!


Elizabeth said...

She is darling. She looks well loved and very adorable.
Lucky you indeed.

Relyn said...

Oh, my. She is getting to be such a big girl. She's just beautiful.

dutchbaby said...

Ah, I remember picking strawberries when ours were wee ones. The farm we visited also offered boysenberries and my daughter asked me if they were edible. When I said "yes", she asked "Then why do they call them poisonberries?"

paris parfait said...

How adorable is she??!! So good to hear you're enjoying motherhood and she looks especially angelic! I linked to your brother-in-law's etsy shop in today's post. Such great things he creates - almost makes me long for a little one, but I'll live vicariously through you and Alecia. :) Miss you! xoxox


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