whats new at new ravenna?

many very nice tiles are coming out of new ravenna these days. . . . actually that's how it's always been, but i just wanted to bring them to your attention now that the greys and whites are kicking it up a notch. if only i had a bathroom to redesign right now i'd be jumping all over these beauties!

oh yes, and also: new ravenna's lead design maven, sara baldwin, has started blogging right here:
more gorgeous tiles and info abounding!


dutchbaby said...

I absolutely love these tiles. I hopped over to sara baldwin's blog; thanks for pointing us in that direction!


Oh these are so striking and stunning! I would love these tiles in my bathroom and kitchen!

Relyn said...

Well, sweets. I wish you could redesign my bathroom using these amazing tiles. Yup. I do.