what's been given

people have always said my mom and i look a lot alike. i suppose the proof is in the pudding ~ and your pudding is the photo pairing above. {that's my mama on the left in 1945, and me on the right in 1975.} growing up i didn't like this similarity because i wanted to be *just me* {yes, i was a very independent girl}, but now that i'm older i don't think it's so bad. . . . . she has aged incredibly well ;o)
although it's true she has nary a grey hair and skin that looks 20 years younger than she is, of course my appreciation goes way beyond any physical attributes i may have inherited. generosity, thoughtfulness, craftiness, musicality, supportiveness, and being a very good friend are all things i'm so grateful to my mother for giving me. and now that i am a mama too, i can hope with all hopes to be as wonderful a mother as mine has been for me.
and, my darling daughter, i hope to give you the ability to see rightly what is true and good, full awareness of your sublime beauty, unfaltering respect for your inner divine nature, and the ability to laugh deeply and often.
{alesia at 7 mo's ~ and wearing the beautiful dress sent all the way from paris by sweetheart tara!}


Bhavna said...

Aww...so cute! And beautiful :)

Rebecca G said...

beautiful x3. Happy Mother's Day again!

dutchbaby said...

I think I need to get my glasses adjusted; I'm seeing triple!

What is more important than "generosity, thoughtfulness, craftiness, musicality, supportiveness, and being a very good friend"? Please go procreate some more; the world needs more of your kind.

paris parfait said...

Such a family resemblance! And she looks adorable in her Parisienne dress. :) xoxox