baby name suggestions all-call

update: a name has been chosen!niana faith
i found it researching exotic names and maps ~ it's an old town in mali, in western africa.
thanks so much to everyone for all your great suggestions!

oh dear friends of the blogiverse ~ my family needs your help!
my sister & bro-in-law are having a very difficult time deciding on names for their brand new daughter. the two they had originally prepared don't quite seem to fit now that they can see their little bundle of joy in person. they have asked me to help, but so far nothing i've come up with has been it either.
and so, i'm sending it out to all of you for more suggestions. the middle & last names are determined. so far she is _____ faith king.
as you may know, her sister's name is ilia grace king {pronounced eye-lee-uh}, just as an additional reference point for suggestions.
if you could please leave comments here we'd all be ever so grateful!
i'll pass along your suggestions immediately to the new mommy & daddy and will let you all know as soon as they've made a decision.

{niana photo by me; name plates photo by the idealist; whats in a name photo by jack dorsey}


j said...

delilah, delia, lulu, louella, wren, clara, estela, estrella, lura, adele, celia

Elizabeth said...

Josephine, but called Josie.
I was going to name my Alice this, but she turned out to be an Alice.

Elizabeth said...


paris parfait said...

That is a beautiful name they've chosen! So original. xoxox