something's lost and something's gained

for everyone who lost something precious on this day 7 years ago. . . . . honoring, loving, remembering. . . . with still hearts of gratitude for what once was.
but let us not just move on and learn nothing from such horrific tragedy. this is a great lesson in how to accept impermanence, embrace each other, practice forgiveness, understand our connectedness and seek truth genuinely. nothing can happen to you that doesn't also happen to me. nothing can be done to me that isn't also done to you. in the words of a wise man "we are our brother's keepers. we are our sister's keepers."
i keep you in my heart and mind as warming memories and as reminders for how to live in the moment with more compassion and more understanding each day.


paris parfait said...

Beautiful words to live by, my Sunshine friend. xoxox

studio wellspring said...

tara ~ thank you darling heart. it's such a joy to have you in my life.