my last flight as one

today i'm flying up to oregon to attend a baby shower given to the peach & me by my wonderful family & friends. needless to say, i'm giddy with excitement! this morning it dawned on me that this is my last flight without a child to come along with me. {i'm only flying one way because we are road tripping back to sf with the antique cradle & changing table my dad so lovingly restored for the peach}. and that thought led to the intense realization that soon almost everything i do and everywhere i go will be with another tiny human being as my companion. i have really been enjoying pregnancy and have had the distinct feeling it's so much easier being pregnant with the lil' one all taken care of easily inside my tummy, than to have the baby on the outside with all her needs requiring a whole new set of skills from me. i'm not quite sure if i'll be up to the task. it's the biggest challenge i've faced so far. by far. but i have a lot of wise and generous people around me to learn from ~ my own mom of course, but also my sister, my aunts, my cousins, and several of my friends have all become mothers. and i know with their advice and love we'll be in very good hands on this new adventure.
i am looking very forward to sitting on my parent's porch, sipping a cool beverage, and basking in the joy of so many family members and old friends gathered together to celebrate this brand new life who's rapidly approaching her big debut. ahh, these are the days, my friends. . . . .
i hope you have a joyful & love-filled weekend too!

{top & bottom portraits of me taken by the extremely talented femme fotographie. please go here to see more, & to find out how you can be the star of her photographic talents too}


Anonymous said...

Have a spectacular trip home!! Your pregnancy photos are beautiful!

tangobaby said...

What's the saying...it's much better with two? I'm glad you'll be enjoying the unique time to be treasured amongst so many friends and family.

And I, for one, will never tire of these photos! tee hee.

Have a magical time and be sure to tell us all about it!

paris parfait said...

Dearest Anjie, I'm sure by the time you read this, you'll be basking in the glow of all the love and affection of your family and friends at the shower. And that cradle - sounds divine! Not to worry, you will be a wonderful mother and when you have any questions, you'll be surrounded by a host of well-wishers to help and/or give advice. Love to you! xoxox

Relyn said...

Have a wonderful shower and visit at home. I have to tell you, you are honestly the most gorgeous pregnant woman I have ever seen. You are vivacious and alive, joyful and fit, just beautiful.

The truth is that your looks just reflect your spirit. Your baby will too. No worries about motherhood. Yes, it is exhausting and easy to make mistakes. But, love covers a multitude of mistakes.

vineeta said...

WOW!!!! Angie, I had no clue...! I came over after some 3000 yrs & what do I see? the resplendent you all pregnant & beautiful. This is such a beautiful post. YOu will have a phenomenal time & I wish you a life time of happiness with your new born. Yes your lie will change& it will be so much richer :) Love from across the continents :)

K said...

Hi there! Just wanted to tell you that I gave you an award! See it at http://simplyelegant-k.blogspot.com. Thanks so much!

studio wellspring said...

hi gin ~ thanks so much for your well wishes & sweet compliment.

darling tangobaby ~ you are my photographic genius hero. thank you so much for giving me {& the peach} such a spectacular gift.

hi tara ~ i do miss you! but your kind words & ever thought-provoking prose make up for not getting to see your sweetness in person.

studio wellspring said...

ah, relyn, you always give such fantastic compliments. you've made me glow with happiness. as you often do. what a treasure you are!

hi vineeta ~ great to hear from you and thanks so much for your well wishes. i'll be sure to share the babe when she's here....6 weeks+ to go. :o)

dear k ~ oh my, you've just made my day. how exciting to win an award. thank you, thank you!

Chloe said...

these photos are so beautiful! i am speechless.
you will be a wonderful mum.

studio wellspring said...

thanks very much, chloe ~ you are too kind. hope you have a fantastic weekend!