magilicious day

today i'm celebrating my dear friend maggie ~ all gorgeous 6 feet of her! i celebrate her & our friendship more than she knows, but seeing as how today is her birthday and all, it deserves an extra special mention that she is a continual source of reasons to celebrate. her enthusiasm and beauty are so invigorating and her ability to listen and be supportive are so encouraging. she lights up rooms, brightens up lives, and illuminates the humorous in everything. i am so grateful for her friendship and can't wait to see what wonderful things the coming year will bring her. happy maggilicious day ~ she'd be so happy to know you did a little dance, played extra with your favorite pet, & hugged several people you care about today just because it's magilicious day. xo, maggie love!


maggafers said...

i love you anjie! thank you for the super sweet post! HUUUUUG!!!

studio wellspring said...

love you too maggafers! all ways.