making friday fresh with beatrice peltre

beatrice peltre is the author of the award-winning food blog la tartine gourmand and she works as a freelance food writer, food stylist and food photographer. she has a fantastic eye for making beautiful images and her passion for her work is evident in her myriad successes. i adore her work and find it incredibly inspiring.
in her own words "as a photographer and stylist, i am a fond observer of the beauty found in life, nature and the natural shapes of food. my work witnesses my attachment and interest in art under all forms." and her talent is instantly addicting ~ the more i see of her work the more i want to see.
i have a dear friend who is going through some serious soul searching to decide what course she wants her life to take next. she's been a school teacher for many years now but the lack of funding, growing restrictions & tensions, and lack of support from parents & administrators alike has taken its toll and yet another fantastic public school teacher in california is ready to call it quits. but what to do instead? where to turn? one must make a living. . . . . but how can that be done while also adoring what you do?
i think the answer lies within beatrice peltre's fine example. she loves art, she loves to travel, she loves photography, she loves food, and she loves sharing beauty. plus she's so gosh darn talented she can't help herself but to be admired. hmmm. . . . that sounds familiar. this perfectly describes my teacher, soul-searching friend. to a t. and we can all learn something from this actually ~ let's feel encouraged to pursue our passions and not give up trying to earn a decent living while we do so. it is possible. if beatrice can then so can you.

hope you have a pursuit of passions weekend my friends!


At Home with Kim Vallee said...

I adore Bea's works. Her photos and her writing are so inspiring.

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Your post today is especially inspiring to me as I am in a similar situation as your friend, doing a bit of soul searching and trying to decide on the next step and how to get there...thanks for the encouragment!

Relyn said...

Oh, you always introduce me to new wonders. I'm thinking of your friend. What a tough decision to make. Teaching is hard. Hard. Hard.

paris parfait said...

Wishing your friend all the best as she considers big changes in her life. As your post shows, one's bliss can be pursued!

tangobaby said...

Good lessons to keep in mind...I know a lot of us would like to find a a place where we are doing what we love AND getting paid for it.

studio wellspring said...

hi kim ~ hope all is going well with you!

welcome wonderful world! i'm so glad i could help you in some way. soul searching is a special process and i wish you the smoothest journey.

hi relyn ~ i knew you'd be able to relate. although i think the california school system has so many more challenges than other states. it's really quite sad.

so true, tara, so true. we must pursue our blisses & never give up.

tangobaby ~ you're well on your way. i don't think it'll be long before your blissful pursuits income surpasses your oda income.