show & tell time ~ cpw apartment

i'm so excited to share this with you! a large apartment remodel & redesign project that i was fortunate enough to work on has come to completion, and the project manager has sent over some nice site photos. this is the icing on the cake of a lot of hard work from a lot of talented people. there's really nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a project complete and the clients happily moving in.
this project had a lot of special challenges. . . . . for one, our design office is in san francisco and the project is at central park west in new york. so there was a lot of back-&-forth travel for our team & the clients. another massive challenge is depicted here:
many of the client's art pieces were too large to fit into the building's freight elevator so we had to close off streets, bring in a crane, remove the outer windows of the living room, and lift the art pieces all the way up to the apartment. i'm so glad our project manager was there with camera in hand so we could all share in the marvel of it.
here are a few more of my favorite shots:
{main hallway ~ highlighting the zebra wood floors found throughout the apartment}

{the living room and the grand curving staircase}

{the game table with the piano in the background}

{the den/study with red acrylic backed niches and shelving}

{the kitchen ~ this in particular was my baby of the project. lots of detailing went into it, which can't be seen from a photo, but i suppose that's the mark of good design right? :o) }

{the bar ~ leather paneled walls, resin bar top, patent leather built in sofa and some very chic bar stools}

{the yoga room has cherry wood paneled walls with a dark red/brown stain and a gorgeous antique lotus mandala panel from thailand}

{the design detailing that went into this apartment is staggering ~ these two photos show a nice example: the ceiling coffers in the dining room echo the skylight pattern in the stairwell}

{a lovely view from the deck on a gorgeous new york afternoon}


Elizabeth said...

This is so refined in detail, so elegant without being fussy!
Love the red acrylic backed units. Love all of it. Hope you did well with all the back and forth with the peach going along for the ride. Thinking of you!

karey m. said...


that's all. maybe two. xoxo.

{and you're brilliant.}

paris parfait said...

What a fabulous place! Lucky, lucky, owners. It must feel great to see your hard work come to fruition. It's all so stylish and beautiful. I could happily move in! :) xoxox

Relyn said...

How proud you deserve to be! I bet you all had an amazing celebration when it was all finished.

studio wellspring said...

hi elizabeth ~ great to hear from you. i agree, those red units are pretty darn hot. luckily my role in this project didn't require cross-continental travel, but the project manager did more back-&-forth trips than i've ever seen one man do. at least he can now use all those frequent flyer miles for a well deserved vacation.

karey ~ you do know how to make a girl feel absolutely incredible. grazie mille, bella!

yes, tara, the owners are very lucky folks. also because our office is doing more than one place for them. let me know when you're ready for me to help you out on your new place in sf {yes, i'm visualizing it as i type}. a girl can dream. ;o)

thanks relyn ~ the celebrating never ends in our office....so much talent squeezed into one space makes for a lot of uplift & merriment {albeit late nights & weekend warrior workers too}.