a whole new view

this weekend we're moving to a new home. . . . . new spaces and new discoveries and new adventures await. whatever your plans are i hope you have a wonderful time!
{image from emery & cie}


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a smooth move! Looking forward to reading about your new discoveries!

Designer said...

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karey m. said...

oh! i raced right over as soon as i came home to see if the peach had arrived!

no? {i combed through the past few weeks, and found no mention...surely that's something beyond postable, yes?!}

ok...good luck. remember to breath, because it's a heck of a lot of fun when you're not stressed out about the delivery. xoxo!

dutchbaby said...

Moving? Whilst gestating? You are very ambitious! I'm certain you will create a fabulous nest for your young family! Please be careful and don't do too much.

Chloe said...

good luck and best wishes on the new place. i am going to move too in a couple of months. if you have any moving tips let us know!

studio wellspring said...

hi gin ~ thanks so much for your sweet comment. i look forward to getting to know you more soon.

dear designer, as soon as i'm settled and back to a normal scheudle of some sor ti'll most definitely take you up on your offer. very excited by your fresh design perspective!

hi karey darling heart. . . . i still have 1.5 mo's to go ~ she's due mid-october. there will be big fanfare on studio wellspring when she does finally arrive. altho i must say i'm enjoying being pregnant right now & am not feeling ready at all for the babe-in-arms. i'll be over to enjoy your delicious blog soon, very soon. i've missed you!

howdy dutchbaby! yes it's a crazy adventure to move while gestating and i don't recommend it to anyone. but needs, require. and so it is done. we hired movers and that made a huge difference but i still wore myself out, of course. i can't wait for some serious rest & relaxtion this coming weekend.

so lovely to hear from you chloe! my best advice is to hire movers to do all the lifting & moving for you. but if you pack your own things, be sure to use your linens & towels & fabrics as packing material instead of paper. take this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of as many unneeded/unwanted things as you can {before you start packing}. it feels great to lighten your load & give things you no longer want/need to people who could use them. and, get very good quality packing tape ~ it's worth it to buy the best of this since it's what will hold your precious posessions in thru the move process. good luck! xo!