feeling lucky on 080808

this is an auspicious day for anyone who believes in lucky numbers. so i thought this was a good time to add to my consumer wish list.
{that mermaid lamp & painted twisted wood side table ~ yes please, without delay! they were found in a ghislaine vinas brilliantly designed bedroom, but not sure where she found them. hmmm. . . . .}

{the baby le cornue ~ not that i have a kitchen to put it in at this moment but if i somehow acquired this by a fortunate turning of events i'd find a way to utilize it until i have the place to have it properly installed. and it would become a family heirloom for ever more!}

{this armoire for my little girl's things ~it would be the perfect place to display & store, and i really could use this right about now. i've been saving this from my martha stewart inspiration projects folder}

{a carry over from yesterday's post ~ i am ready to spend a week's retreat here, asap. or maybe make this my full-time home even? first off, i adore the ocean ~ i grew up there and always long to return when i'm away. secondly, i love swings and almost any style of swing chair. thirdly, porches that have places to relax with friends are always a part of my "necessities for houses" list. lastly, that view ~ 'nough said.}

{ok, so this is way over the top, but this is a lucky day so i'm just putting it out there for fun. . . . . a 1956 drophead coupe convertible in mint condition. oh my i would die just to be able to sit in it much less drive it. and i swoon just imagining what it would be like to own this beauty. i'd sell everything i own, including my soul, to the devils for that one.}
and what, pray tell, is on your wish list dear ones?
i hope many wishes are granted for you today and throughout the weekend!


tangobaby said...

I think I missed out on the big day mentally so I will need some time to think about what I would wish for...is it too late?

But baby, you can drive me anywhere if you get that blue beauty. And that mermaid lamp is just too too fab!

I hope all of your wishes come true, the easy way (no devils involved!).

Relyn said...

What do I wish for?

** signed, first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird

** a 1988 SAAB convertible, mint condition navy blue with tan leather interior and taupe rag top

** a vintage silver bullet airstream trailer

** an amazing garden and a gardener to go with it

** $200 to spend at the Philbrook Museum of Art gift shop

** iPod car dock

** excellent seats to see Wicked

julochka said...

love, love, love the stove!! i wanted an Aga, but husband wouldn't go for it, so i got a smeg. it's pretty cool, but not as cool as this one!!! hope your wish to get it comes true!!

and thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

Patricia Gray said...

I'll take the porch with the swing. Hope all your wishes come to pass!!

studio wellspring said...

tangobaby ~ it's never too late to make wishes! the best part of making them is just that: visualizing & verbalizing what they are. i fi ever get a car 1/2 the beauty as this one i'll take you wherever you wanna go, absolutely!

thanks for sharing your wishes sweet relyn! when i get my magic wand in working order again i'll be ure to grant you everything you wish for. ;o)

hi julochka ~ how does the smeg work for you? i've never seen one working in person or used one.

welcome back patricia ~ i also wish for a trip much like yours to tour & learn in italy. what a glorious adventure you had!