warm & white in the kitchen

a misnomer floating out in the world is that clean, bright, white and contemporary automatically means cold and stark and uninviting. i often find myself convincing clients of the virtues and softness of white more often than trying to convince them to use color. these days anyone who receives pottery barn catalogs seems to feel very comfy with color {which is most of america 3 times a week}, so actually i find it's the lack there of that tends to scare people more. i can better understand that fear in bedrooms & living rooms where people really want to feel extra cozy & warm. but when it comes to kitchens i tend to err on the side of lighter & less-is-more. and, no that really doesn't mean sacrificing warmth or coziness. allow me to show you several examples of contemporary-leaning kitchens, each with a nice blending of white and warmth ~ and enjoy the fresh, clean, bright uplift they offer.


Sally Hess said...

We thought and thought and thought about color in our kitchen and ended up with white cabinets, white trim, a full tile white backsplash, slate gray countertops, and a black and white check floor. The only paint is a bit of yellow on the far wall and the 12" or so that peek from above the cabinets. I LOVE IT! I worried it would be boring, but with our red accent pieces on the counter, it's perfect! Yay white! :)

studio wellspring said...

hi sally ~ great to hear from you! please send pict's when yo'ure ready ~ i'd love to see your new kitchen. xoxo!