d&d argentina

loving interior design and dreaming of going to argentina just came together in one for me at this fabulous interior design e-zine from argentina: diseño y decoración
it's crammed full of fun information ~ even if it is all in spanish {the english version is kind of wonky}. there are extensive archives with articles on subjects as diverse as islamic art, feminine fashion and minimalism; interviews with argentine designers and architects; details of competitions, courses and exhibitions in argentina and internationally. plus there's a ton of photography eye-candy to entice even if you can't understand much of what they've written {or don't have an awesome translator like i do ~*j is my hero!}
it's well worth a visit evrey now & again to see what is going on in contemporary argentinian interior design.


Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Wow Anjie. That second to last image is to die for. I love the full drapes and the ethnic furnishings. Happy Thursday!

vineeta said...

Super eyecandy- Its always great to check out another country's aesthetics & decor. Im currently reading an art magazine with a focus on Japanese contemporary art. Its SOO brilliant and inspiring I cant tell you. Im thinking some of it must be shared on my blog sooon :)

studio wellspring said...

hi calie ~ i really like a mix of ethnic and contemporary too. i'm actually striving for that in my own house. unfortunately i don't quite have the budget the interior designer did in that photo, but it's still some fabulous inspiration.

vineeta ~ i couldn't agree more, which is another reason i really love reading your blog. design travel is one of my favorite distactions. :o)

Anonymous said...

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