at last ~ green resources for the long-neglected residential designers!
in the green world, residential interior designers, remodeling contractors and consumers have felt as neglected as wallflowers at the senior prom. no more.
REGREEN is the new resource for sustainable residential improvement projects. jointly developed by the american society of interior dsigners' foundation and the u.s. green building council, the REGREEN program provides best practice and environmentally responsible guidelines for design professionals, service providers, product suppliers and homeowners.
though it complements the LEED for homes rating system, it is not LEED. there are no points to earn or certification levels to achieve. what REGREEN offers instead are strategies, advice and examples for common residential remodeling project types ~ kitchen, bath and other interior and exterior living area renovations, finishing a basement, weatherizing, constructing a major addition or undertaking a gut rehab, and energy retrofits.
REGREEN is organized for use by the smallest projects all the way thru to really large ones. want to remodel the entire interior of a house? turn to the gut rehab chapter to find a discussion of the integrated pre-design issues, a definition of the project scope, strategies listed by building system, and a case study with real life examples. or perhaps all you'd like to do is replace the bathroom wallcovering. the strategy library offers suggestions on the greenest alternatives.
the final version of REGREEN will be released at ASID's interiors 2008 conference march 13-16 in new orleans {btw, is anyone here attending?}. caveat alert! the word "final" is to be used cautiously. just like the LEED rating systems, REGREEN will always be a work in progress to be improved and upgraded as users like us contribute to its content.
thank goodness the wallflowers have finally begun to dance!

{summarized from article by penny bonda at interior design magazine}

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