tonight i meet rex

i've had a crush on rex ray's work for several years now, and tonight i'm finally going to get a chance to meet him, and hopefully i'll get his autograph on my book too. but don't be too jealous, because you can do the same! {that is, if you live in the bay area} his new works are opening at gallery 16 tonight and he'll be there, signing books from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
it's located at 501 third street {at bryant}
happy, happy friday!


jenny vorwaller said...

ohhh... what beautiful work - how lucky to meet the artist!

maggafers said...


studio wellspring said...

jenny ~ it's always an extra special thrill to meet the person behind work you really admire. and maybe someday i'll get to meet you too! :o)

maggie ~ you are gorgeous too!