shayna shines

i'd like to introduce you to my friend shayna ~ one very inspiring lady.

we met at jenni's dance class and then connected over girl design {which we're planning to rekindle soon!}. for quite some time i've been admiring her ecclectic style and good taste on her favorite colors blog, and i've been in absolute awe of her do-it-yourself skills chronicled on her cabin house blog. in her spare time she's a full-time designer at a collaborative product design partnership in berkeley called room creative.
now to add to all that, shayna just became the newest posts author at the apartment therapy sf site. check out her first post here. it's all about one of my fave local shops, the gardener.

many congrats shayna ~ i'm so privileged to know you and admire all you do!


shayna said...

oh lord. i am blushing upside and down. you're one heck of a gal yourself!

patricia gray said...

Thanks for the reminder on planting paper whites. I love the fragrance when they bloom. Shayna sounds like a great friend to have!!

studio wellspring said...

thanks shayna ~ hopefully i'll be seeing you on the dance floor soon. :o)

patricia ~ yes, there's nothing like paperwhites in winter & wonderfully inspiring friends. simple pleasures to treasure.