making do with pink

do you remember last summer when i asked for your help on what to do with my new apartment's pink bath?
i think it's high-time i updated you on the results of my disposable re-design.
i call it disposable re-design because i must return the bathroom to the exact way it looked when i moved in, seeing as it's a rental with strict landlords, so everything i did to help it out has to be removed {repainted, etc} whenever i leave.
the backsplash was a too-sticky-sweet teal & periwinkle daisy motif surrounded by pepto-pink tiles on the walls and floor. the walls were not-quite-white {different shade of white from the window trim and white tile countertops}.
and now, i've painted the walls a warm shade of mocha, and i've made a new backsplash out of old prints of italian landscape paintings. i cut them to fit and then got them laminated in one long strip. i grouted the new backsplash in with tile sealant so it looks a little more legitimate. lastly, i added a vintage white-tile-framed mirror, a vintage rug i found at the alameda antique fair {that one purchase i mentioned making last week}, and some additional decor items to adorn the space a bit more.

even though i still can't stand pink, the bathroom is more enjoyable for me now, so i lay my complaints to rest.


Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

What a creative backsplash! I finished my bath project too. I'll have to take pictures and share.

studio wellspring said...

thanks girl ~ can't wait to see yours too!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

What a great idea for the backsplash. Brilliant! How did you attach it?

studio wellspring said...

dear maryam,
i'm so sorry to hear you didn't win the blog conmpeition. i voted for you & i feel you deserved it in every way. you're such an inspiration to so many people all over the world.
but to answer your question i attached it with "plumber's caulk silicone" :
it was easy to work with and did a fantastic job at keeping the laminated paper attached to the tile, while looking like it's grouted in.