about last night

my first real pair of tango shoes worn at my first milonga where i danced with my first tango angel. oh my.
i didn't get home until after midnight and i dreamt intense tango dreams all night. i want to keep that feeling alive, and so i offer this:

i'll be taking lessons with them {michelle & murat erdemsel} on saturday and i cannot wait.
oh and my first private lesson with
jennifer bratt is friday evening.
see i told you i was addicted,and i'm not ashamed of it in the least.
also, many many thanks to
tangobaby for the kindest sweetest post ever today.


tangobaby said...

Tango will just keep getting better, you'll see. I'm so happy that you're so happy!

You might want to read this little post, if you haven't already (and I apologize for not being smart enough to know how to make the little link thingy):


Bhavna said...

Oh, I love to dance! I have been planning to re-join salsa classes for the longest time now. Please do put up a little video of you dancing

Erika of Sweet Pea Blog said...

Hello, long time no see (well speak in any case :) Life has been keeping me busy with wedding planning, travel, family visiting etc - I have unfortunately had less time to enjoy my blot & others lately. I see in my absence you too have been very busy! How wonderful to have met Rex Ray and been to his exhibition - he is truely a talented artist. And your post on 'ornament swapping' I would have loved to be there, as I just got back from Moscow, where I went to a Russian craft market. We found a lady who with her daughter make hand carved & mat paitned wooden tree ornaments. Perhaps i will post one on the blog as they are so unique. Please drop by my blog when you have a minute love to hear your news.

studio wellspring said...

thanks tb ~ i'll go check out the post with my cup of tea in hand.

bhavna ~ dance has always been a big part of my life {since age 4 w/ my first pair of tap shoes} but i have just now embarked on the world of tango and it is quite captivating. someday i'm sure i'll have a video of me dancing to share, but it may be a few years. ;o)

erika ~ welcome back from all your travels and adventures. what wonderful things you have going on in your life! please do share photos from your experiences ~ i'd love to see! i'll hop on over to sweetpea for more delights. :o)