mod pod

in downtown corvallis many lovely shops abound, but one of my favorite's is one of the newest: mod pod. the owner, jessica klein, has a great eye for finding chic-contemporary and midcentury, retro-inspired modern furnishings and decor for just about any budget. it's bright & cheery with a great combination of both neutral and colorful furnishings. mod pod is geared towards bringing accessible and affordable modern design in to everything from dorm rooms to offices. and what a blessing ~ especially since it's the only one of its kind in the willamette valley. please enjoy a virtual tour with some of my faves from around the shop. . . .


dutchbaby said...

Fabulous! Is Klein thinking of opening a branch store in SF, or Palo Alto???

Relyn said...

Super fun. It reminds me of our new library branch. Very, very much actually. Can you imagine how great our library looks?

KathyBaker24 said...


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bevans said...

I like the decor of this store and the name. I especially like the red and white dining chairs.