gems & news for friday

this awesome sign, right on the money in my opinion, was found on graphic-exchange {more on this entirely awesome place later} by holly at decor8. i was so taken with it i just had to get it up on my swellspring too! it has inspired me to start re-thinking a lot of my old stand-by design choices. i've got a very tight budget and a whole lot of interior designing to do in the coming weeks. let's call it design-on-a-dime, but with surprising & refreshing pizazz! ooo la la!
ever since i was born {in july in arkansas} i've been known as the sunshine girl, and so my adoration for almost anything with some sunshine in it. i say "almost" very intentionally since some sunshiney things can be a bit too cheesy or hippy for my taste. but even those do evoke a smile. i just wouldn't include them in my own decor. so when i found this sweet little sign made by freya art & design {also 1st seen on decor8 ~ had fun there today!} i got all excited as it seems like some perfectly wonderful inspiration for alesia's bedroom. the daughter of a sunshine girl! i think i'll include this in a little inspiration-board-collage very soon.
new art for alesia's room already on the way is this utterly fantastic print designed by robert david bretz. she has this thing for giraffes and i thought it was the perfect addition to her wall ~ but should it be the beside the crib wall or the beside the changing table wall? ah decisions, decisions!

oh yeah, and by the way, in case you've wondered what's kept me away from blogging for the past while. . . . .we've been moving in to a new home! so much excitement and change ~ it's been a fairly smooth transition and we're settling in very nicely in the new 'hood. but boy are there a ton of projects! daunting & exciting all at the same time.
this weekend ~ painting!
how about you??


Relyn said...

Oh, goodie! Congratulations on your new digs. I'm so excited for you and Alysia. (Did I spell that right?)

You know, I am not surprised you have always been the Sunshine Girl. It's so perfectly you.

rochambeau said...

Congrats on your new home! The first sign you share (above) about an emotional response to good design, will be a good one to carry in your thoughts as you begin to design your new abode!


Nicolette said...

It's an absolutely fabulous house. Congratulations