to my favorite little sprout

happy 11 month birthday, peach blossom, you have nourished my soul more than anything else i've ever known.
your strength, humor, and love are so impressive. your heart is so wide open and you just take everything in. you know what you want and you'll fight like mad to get it. you are a big flirt and captivate people every where you go. you are very proud of your 2 little teeth, and you're very good at speed crawling. you love to eat fresh fruits, sweet potatoes, crackers, cottage cheese and all types of beans. you adore being with your cousins and really like playing in water {bath time, kiddie pools, etc}. you always wake-up in the best mood & help to wake me up happy too.
p.s. i love it when you call out "mama, mama, mama" until i come get you. it's just the sweetest thing.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

That's just the most scrumptious thing I've seen in a long time:-)

Relyn said...

Happy, happy 11 month birthday to my favorite Peach. Look at those baby blues, Momma. She looks like you. So very like you.