august rush

it's the beginning of harvest time & many wonderful things have ripened around here, so we're scurrying to get them put by for future enjoyment. not to say we aren't enjoying them while they're fresh too. we've been gobbling-up peaches, berries, beans, peas, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, garlic, figs, pears, and corn....a serious bounty this year! this is the time when all our hard work in the gardens starts to pay off ~ and so far everything is delicious! but my heirloom tomatoes are by far my favorite treat out of my garden so far.
the figs were divine, and have become one of alesia's new favorite foods. especially with creamy chevre {goat cheese}!

one of my favorite breakfasts this time of year is fresh cut peaches, blueberries & cream:
our family likes garlic. a lot. so we grow quite a bit in our garden and tie it up for use all year round. here's our harvest of italian & elephant garlic this year.....time for some olive oil & pasta!

we turned these bartlet beauties into spiced pear deliciousness to use throughout the holiday season. yum!
ok, now i'm getting hungry again!


Relyn said...

Yum. Feeling really hungry now. When I was in SF I had a salad at the DeYoung's restaurant that was full of figs and mangoes. So delicious.

robin bird said...

i was there when relyn ate that salad and wished like crazy that i had selected the same thing off the menu. it looked lucius!
but it is the bounty of all sorts of wonderful things to eat that has me mesmerized on this post! you and your family must be amazing gardeners! i read on another post the long list of fresh things you have been eating so far.. i am envious! we have out tomatoes, yes and our lemon cucumbers yes but nothing so exotic as what you have managed to grow.

thank you so much for coming to my blog...twice now... i never meant for it to take so long for me to come here to see you and you little peach. i have to say after meeting her just once i think i could recognize her sweet little face anywhere :) it was so nice to meet you even if for a short time anji. you are so near...that visit you made to the Lounge Lizard? that is just a block form my office :) i went there for the first time just recently. small, small cozy world isn't it? next time you are in town we might want to do lunch or coffee or even ice cream if peach comes along :-) my e-mail address is on my blog. it would be fun to talk cucumbers and heritage tomatoes!
i think i might have to make a peach pie this week...
have a good week! and happy 11 months to your sweet peach.