candyland in sf

which way to the gumdrop mountains?
well, go to north beach and head over the far side of telegraph hill....on lombard street, of course!

to celebrate candyland's 60th birthday yesterday, hasbro put on a fantastic show: a life sized game of candyland on san francisco's lombard street! best idea i've heard in a long-long time!
only children from uc san francisco children’s hospital and the nonprofit friends of the children were allowed to compete on the game, but 100's of other children watched on the side lines. so wish i was there too!

also, this incredible cake made by the uber-talented debbie does cakes got devoured after the game. what a treat!

photos and story found on sfist
thanks mr.hilarious blogasaurus for the tip!


Relyn said...

Oh my gosh! That is completely wonderful! I LOVE it. Especially that marvelous cake!

dutchbaby said...

I will never be able to go down Lombard Street again without thinking about this. Brilliant!

Creme de la Mode said...

First, I have driven down Lombard Street many times as a child, and it was never as cool as THAT. How awesome, it takes me down memory lane.

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