thanks for the love

happy thanksgiving lovely friends! i am over-flowing with gratitude for so many things this year, and the connections i've made through the blogging community are certainly on the list. i hope you're enjoying the holiday with much love surrounding you.
{photo by the wonderful fernando graphicos}


The Lil Bee said...

What a pretty photo...and sentiment:)

Relyn said...

I think about you and I grin and feel just a little envious. You have that brand new, precious life to cherish and cuddle. You get to watch her every expression with awe and humility - and even, sometimes, a healthy dose of terror. You get all that newness. And you have all this joy ahead of you, too. Lucky, lucky you.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I know at least a little of the exhaustion you must be feeling. And, I know that you are busy with more important things. But, when you do have a moment, I long for pictures of you and the Lil' Peach.

Miss you.

dutchbaby said...

A lovely thanksgiving message indeed. I agree with Relyn. More photos please!