dawning of a new era

we had a huge election night party at our house ~ full of the excitement of many very good & very hopeful people. we laughed, cheered, cried, hugged, danced, & drank no less than 15 bottles of champagne.
it feels like dark clouds have parted & america is all shiny & new. and having the privilege of calling barack obama our next president is a new beginning, not an end point. we can become more involved than ever and help his new administration accomplish the herculean task of fixing all the mess we are currently in. it's something i look very forward to. and i'm so elated that my daughter gets to have obama and all he stands for for the first 4 {maybe even 8} years of her life.
i am the most proud to be an american that i've ever been.

{top photo taken by jenni, bottles by me}


dutchbaby said...

I think it is very auspicious that The Peach is starting her life in such a positive way!

Red Shoes said...

Judging by the bottles, it looks like you all had a heck of a time!

vineeta said...

WOW! The world is happy that Obama is American President, but to read your post is to feel it. When a mom is happy about her nation because her daughter gets to live in a country led by Obama, it says a lot for the man. I am truly happy for all of you & I'm glad you posted on this and shared your happiness.