spreading joy, seeking inspiration

alesia's first grin captured on camera. . . . and my first christmas gift. so i just had to share the joy with y'all too. things have been busy over here with alesia learning to feed from a bottle, playing with new toys, and starting to explore the big world more & more. such an incredible thing to witness. here are a few images of her going's on:
{dreaming apple dumpling sweetness}

{so curious about the world all around}

i've been enjoying the holidays with my family and trying to get motivated to do something with my life other than being 100% focused on my bundle of joy. exploring the oregon coast & the oregon woods is always a blissful sensory experience and is filling me with inspiration for things to come......

{two photos i took of our table at thanksgiving, centerpiece made with found treasures from around my parent's property}

{two photos i took high atop cape perpetua on misty mystical day that rejuvenated like no other}


dutchbaby said...

Oh my goodness, how cute is she????
Thank you so much for sharing these precious moments with us.

btw, jpeg magazine is looking for umbrella entries this month.

tangobaby said...

Awww, look at that little dressed up peanut! She is like a little doll!

And that last photo with the trees is gorgeous.

avant garde said...

such a little bunny! you are very lucky to look at that beautiful face every day! enjoy...mine is now almost 16 and i cannot believe it:)

Relyn said...

Such a beautiful little face. She makes me happy just to see her. I know you must be giddy. What a blessing you've been given in your daughter. Enjoy your time in Oregon. And all the help at hand. Use some of that time your family is goggling over Alesia to just rest and catch up. I know you must need it.

Mama Rhi said...

So glad I got to meet you little lady! Such a cutie pie! I envy your ability to dress your baby in dresses and tights :)

paris parfait said...

She is just adorable! And your Thanksgiving table looks lovely. As for the Oregon coast - gorgeous! Hope all is well and you and A. have a lovely Christmas. Will you please email me your current address? xoxox