paper relics & octavine illustrations

i'd like to introduce you to a very talented oregonian who paints art deco & art nouveau illustrations: octavine illustration. her work is sold on her etsy shop, and she has a very nice blog of the same name.

and along similar lines, i discovered an online shop where you can purchase lovely vintage cards, tags & ephemera: paper relics


tangobaby said...

I've already been admiring octavine's work but thanks for the intro to paper relics! I want one of each thing you've posted here.

Octavine Illustration said...

thank you so much for the lovely mention! i feel most honored to be mentioned in such a pretty blog. cheers.~

paris parfait said...

These are terrific! Thanks for the introduction.

Chloe said...

i didn't know octavine's work so thanks for the link, her work is great. But i knew and loced paper relics. One more reason to love the internet. Never have to buy cards in shops any more!

studio wellspring said...

tangobaby ~ you were the one who intro'd me to octavine originally, so i thank you kindly.

octavine ~ you're most welcome & most deserving!

tara ~ glad you enjoyed them!

chloe ~ it is so fun to discover beautiful paper goods on the internet that would be so much more difficult to find in local shops. there's just so much amazing artistry to be found.