luscious greens

i have an inexplicable newly developed major attraction to the scent, look and feel of freshly cut grass. i can't explain it, but i'm obsessed with it. so here are some of my latest finds to also wish you a late happy st.patrick's day and an early happy easter!
print of an original photograph digitally mixed with painting titled lessay, by labokoff

spring in a can found at dandee designs

spring grass hand cast resin bracelet by resinated

hide-&-seek pillow cover made with original vintage fabric by absoluut

this soap scent sounds divinve ~ sweet grass and orange essential oil mixed into one lovely looking soap bar found at karen's soaps

this 8"x5.5" notebook has 14 pages sewn together as one signature ~ by jambox

this necklace is created from a photo transferred to plastic, the front is then coated with a glossy resin-like material. by ellep

each off-white cardstock tag features fresh spring grass stamped in green ink. sheer spring green with white polka dot ribbon added. found at petite pear

one pack gives you 20 grass fruit forks (approx. 8" long) handmade from bamboo cocktail forks and faux grass in a hip professional package. so awesome! found at eat-your-veggies


paris parfait said...

So lovely - something so hopeful about green grass pushing up against all odds. Happy spring and Happy Easter! Hope to see you in San Fran in May.

Martha said...

Beautiful post. :)

Martha B.

tangobaby said...

I love the Spring in a Can. If I was a cat, I would go nuts for that! Such great photos.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Those petite pear tags are adorable!

studio wellspring said...

tara ~ what wonderful news you'll be visiting sf in may! i absolutely would love to meet you for real! please keep me posted on your plans so we can work out a rendezvous.

thanks martha ~ so glad you enjoyed it.

tangobaby ~ you don't need to be a cat to go nuts, i think it's a little container of happiness for us all. ;o)

i so agree, maryam ~ brilliant idea & great craftsmanship together in one pretty little result.

Octavine Illustration said...

wonderful tribute to spring, grass and that wonderful feeling it seems to bring about. lovely blog. cheers.~

vineeta said...

Gorgeous collection! each piece a fabulous and unusual find. Angie, You've put this together so well :)