find your great work

i've found a nice little boost ~ and so i must share it in hopes it'll give you a boost too! i don't know about you, but i have about 1000 creative/entrepreneurial ideas i explore partially, but rarely do they amount to a hill of beans. sometimes i get bogged down by the procrastination bug, sometimes i get too busy doing other things to follow through {i.e. raising a baby girl}, sometimes things just fizzle for no apparent reason. however, when i do complete some creative project or endeavor i get a big rush of "hell-yes, i did it!" and suddenly wonder why i don't just do it all the time. well now i've found a new source of motivation ~ the great work blog.ok, so some parts might be a bit to corporate cheerleader to apply, but still, it's nice to have another source for inspiration to keep my chin-up, my thinking cap on, and my hands busy with my next great thing. besides, that top poster is pretty much awesome for any creative diva wouldn't you say? here's to finding your great work!

{images courtesy of michael bungay stanier; first found on paris parfait}

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