about that vampire house in twilight

unlike just about everybody these days, i didn't read the twilight books. but i did have a lovely afternoon with my best diva friend watching the movie {dvd}, in pj's and chillaxin'. although i thought it was a mediocre film {gasp! how could i say such a thing & risk the sneers of teen vampire admirers everywhere??}, the main thing that stood-out as fantastic to me was the cullen house ~ the house where the vampire family lived, supposedly in the woods near forks, washington. this house is a beautiful architectural and design marvel of modern styling made to fit elegantly well in the woods; and i'm ready to move in! it's been a nice little quest to figure out where this house is truly located and who designed it. how can i live in it if i don't even know where it is??
low and behold, this beauty is actually located near portland, oregon and was designed by a star-studded pacific northwest team: skylab architecture. originally set as a spec home it was quickly purchased up by one of the owners of nike. darn! i'll keep my eyes out for it to go on the market again. ;o)
in real life it's called the hoke house and the genius behind it is named jeff kovel. this guy pretty much rocks every project he's ever done. . . . maybe he's looking for a design assistant? i am so impressed with his vision and style, and this hoke house is one great example of just what jeff can do. to learn more about jeff and his portfolio, and more about the hoke/cullen house, check out this fabulous interview on design tavern.

and to continue with the house tour, do ya wanna peek inside?? ah, yeah, of course you do:gorgeous, gorgeous, and more gorgeous!
it occurred to me after doing the research for this post that maybe it's already been blogged to death? i have been so out of the blog-loop the last several months. . . .so my apologies if this is so yesterday. i am truly inspired by skylab's incredible work in this house and the photos all make me smile, so i'm blogging it no matter how many others have done so before me. ;o)

{photos found on skylab's website & on design-tavern}


j said...

SUHWOON! it's even better than it was shown off in the movie. did you figure out if they removed a deck for that leap out the window?

aLena said...

This is the first time I've seen anyone bLog about the house... a Lot more interesting than hearing everyone gush about how cute Edward is LoL

dutchbaby said...

Like you, I have not read the Twilight series but my teenage daughter read the first five books in a week and a half (after resisting her friends' pleas to read it for six months). I watched the DVD with her and I enjoyed watching her enjoy it.

I have not seen this house blogged yet so I thank you very much for doing so. It is a spectacular house; I enjoyed your tour immensely.

Whitney Mauer said...

I had the exact same reaction to the film. Blah, blah, teen angst, blah, blah, vampires. WOW--most amazing house ever! Wait, what? The rest of the movie actually bothers to use a different location for filming? bored again. I didn't read the books either and the movie was boring until the house. Thanks for finding those wonderful pictures and sharing them!

Relyn said...

What a house! Still. It's all wrong for the book. Doesn't match at all.

studio wellspring said...

j ~ i am quite sure they did remove a deck for that grand leap, but i can't find any proof!

aLena ~ thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a fun comment. your dog is adorable!!

dutchbaby ~ your daughter is a speedy reader! i bet she can't wait for the next film to come out! btw, so nice to have you hear again!

whitney ~ yay! i heart having you here! glad we see eye-to-eye on this. if there's a vampire chronicle worth adoring it's "true blood" on hbo. period. all else truly pale in comparison.