polyvore amore

do you like to browse for interesting images? do you like to make collages? do like to research all types of products? do you like to share collections you make? if you answered "yes" to any of these questions then polyvore is for you. i can't even begin to tell you how elated i am to have found this website. i just spent 300 hours playing around on there and i could easily do 300 more if it wasn't time to go make some supper. basically it gives you the ability to search through thousands of images to create collage collections with any theme and subject you can dream up and then share them with others. plus it gives you exact product information on every single image in its database, so if you love something enough to want to buy it, you're good to go. just look at the fun i made in the last couple hours.....seriously folks this site rocks!


paris parfait said...

Actually I and a few other bloggers don't share your enthusiasm for this site, A. Some of the users have stolen copyrighted images and used them without permission. I had to file a takedown notice with the site and so did several other bloggers. To the site's credit, they did remove the images right away.

dutchbaby said...

Oh shoot, I was just going to run over there until I read paris parfait's comment. I do love, love, love your collages. You have a fantastic eye.

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